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FAQs — Frequently Asked Questions About Windows

At Window Expo, we know you have questions when it comes to replacing your home’s windows, but with so many resources out there, it can be tough to find one place that answers all your questions. You’ll see that below we have highlighted some of the most common questions we’ve received from our customers about replacing their windows.

If you still have questions or don’t see the answer to your question below, never fear – our team is standing by to help. Contact our team at Window Expo today!

General FAQ

At Window Expo, we are passionate about creating customers for life, which is why we always go above and beyond to put the needs of our customers first. As a Texas-based company, we understand the Texas climate, so we are able to provide our customers with beautiful, energy-efficient, highly-rated, and customizable windows and doors that are designed specifically for Texan homes and installed by trained experts.

Because there are so many factors that go into the pricing of a window, such as window style and size, over-the-phone and online quotes are rarely accurate and often include hidden fees or unforeseen costs. At Window Expo, we offer free, in-home consultations where our experts will listen to your goals, provide a thorough inspection, and recommend the best type of windows to meet your needs and then provide you with an accurate quote.

As a Texas-based company since 2006, we truly care about our fellow Texans, which is why we provide our customers with a full, limited lifetime warranty on all of our products. We proudly stand behind our products and service and will always be here for you because at Window Expo, we believe your investment deserves to be protected.

When you call Window Expo for a free, no-obligation consultation, you can expect to meet with a design expert who will recommend multiple design options based on your needs and style. Our team member will then take professional measurements and provide you with accurate pricing, all at no cost to you.

Yes! Our windows exceed the requirements of ENERGY STAR®, making them ideal for Texas climates. Windows with this certification lower energy bills on average by 12% nationwide and provide the most savings through whole-home window replacement. With technologies like low-emissive glass, gas fills and ultra-strong, fiberglass-reinforced inserts, our windows are energy-efficient and beautiful.

Window Expo specializes in replacement doors and windows in existing spaces. However, if you’d like to add an entirely new window or door to your home, we can provide you with the window or door specifications, and your preferred general contractor can work with you to complete the new opening. Once your contractor has framed out the space, our experts can complete installation. When we complete the installation, you get the benefits of our double limited lifetime warranty.

Consider replacement windows an investment in your home. Often the cheapest options are only warrantied for a few years as compared to our double limited lifetime warranty. Also, many of the lowest cost windows on the market do not offer valuable features like custom colors or energy-efficient gas fills and glazing.

Our Anlin Del Mar windows are AAMA Gold Forced Entry Certified, meaning they’ve passed the most rigorous tests in the industry and adhere to the highest security standard. All of our windows feature continuous interlocking rails that prevent them from being pried open. All of our locks have a visual indicator for you to easily confirm that they are locked at a glance. Find out more about the excellent security features that every window offers.


It is likely feasible but you must consult with a general contractor or architect to understand the possibilities. We are happy to help install a window backed by a true, double limited lifetime warranty with preliminary work performed by a contractor or architect. Learn more about the process on our blog.


Windows FAQ

When you’re in the market for replacement windows, it’s critical to partner with a reputable window company. At Window Expo, we are well-established, insured, have fantastic reviews and ratings, and provide a great warranty, making us the perfect choice for all of your replacement window needs.

If you have windows that stick or refuse to open, let in draughts, or are more than 15 years old, then it’s time to replace your windows. Other signs that you may need to replace your windows include high energy bills, or your home’s inability to maintain a consistent temperature.

Climate plays a big factor in which windows are best, and for Texas homeowners, a high-grade vinyl is the best choice. The vinyl windows available at Window Expo come with custom features designed to increase their energy efficiency. And, because energy-inefficient windows are the single largest source of energy loss in a home, replacing your old windows with vinyl windows from Window Expo can lead to a reduction in your monthly energy bills.

Because vinyl windows are energy efficient, last longer than other materials, and require very little maintenance, they are the best value windows available. There are several types of vinyl formulas and they all perform differently in different climates. At Window Expo, we understand that the Texas climate demands a Texan window, and that’s exactly what we have.

When the windows in your home look worn, chances are your home will too. Replacement windows from Window Expo will enhance your home’s curb appeal while improving its energy efficiency, too. Plus, if you decide to sell your home, new windows will be a big selling point that could increase its overall value.

Because windows are the single largest source of energy loss in a home, and they make up a large portion of your home’s curb appeal, replacing them all at once will not only maximize the energy efficiency of your home, but will also give it a consistent look and feel. Partial window replacement is also a good option depending on your needs, flexibility, and budget. At Window Expo, we understand that every home is different, which is why you can speak with one of our design experts who can provide you with options and the information you need to make the best decision for you and your home.

With limitless design, color, and configuration options, our windows add curb appeal and value to your home. You can customize the color for both the window’s interior and exterior. We offer a wide range of windows with various features like awning windows, bay windows, picture windows and more. Each is expertly fitted for your home, ensuring a weather-tight fit no matter the size or placement.

All of our windows are proudly manufactured right here in the USA and are designed specifically for Texas climates. Each is built with quality materials that will not warp or rot and backed by our limited lifetime warranty. You can feel great about supporting a local business and count on a quick turnaround time for your custom windows.

Installation FAQ

Although you can install your own windows, the risk is not worth the reward because doing that will void the window manufacturer’s warranty. Having the trained experts at Window Expo install your windows will ensure that they’re installed correctly and will keep your warranty intact.