How Long Do Replacement Windows Last?


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How Long Do Replacement Windows Last?

Are you wondering if it’s time to replace your windows? Well, the average lifetime of a window replacement in Dallas depends on a couple of factors. For instance, the type of material the window is made from, as well as, the quality of the manufacturer can affect longevity. This is why you need to pick a reliable company for the job. 

At Window Expo, we make sure to use only the best quality of materials and products to ensure that your windows will last as long as possible. We even back this up with our lifetime guarantee. Once you order a replacement through us, it’s covered for life against damage and defects. However, there are many window materials on the market that you may want to consider for your home.

Vinyl Replacement Windows

We offer durable, vinyl windows that are resistant against mold and mildew, dents, cracks, and warping and are low maintenance. So, they generally last between 20 to 40 years.

Wood Replacement Windows

A more traditional wood window is resistant to extreme temperature changes, but may need regular painting to prevent warping, rot, or insect infestation. A well-maintained wooden window can last you between 10 to 20 years. 

Aluminum Replacement Windows

An aluminum window is very strong, resisting mold, mildew, dents and chipping, but may corrode over time depending on the quality of its manufacturer. Plus, these materials aren’t great thermal barriers. An aluminum window can last between 30 to 40 years

When to Replace Windows?

When the window pane breaks or cracks is the most obvious sign that you need to call a Dallas replacement windows company. However, there are other signs around the frame that indicate the window is breaking down over time. These include:

  • Warping
  • Splitting or Cracking
  • Mold & Mildew Growth
  • Drafts Around the Frame
  • Difficulty Opening or Closing It
  • Cracking and Decaying Seals

Some of these issues are minor repairs that don’t necessarily mean you need to replace the whole window, but it’s always good to speak with a professional about the problem before deciding. Another issue that has many homeowners ordering replacement windows are high utility bills. If your windows are old or made from metal, they probably aren’t energy efficient. You may need to invest in Low-E glass and advanced framing materials to keep your family comfortable.

Window Expo has been offering window replacement in Dallas for over 10 years and we have worked with thousands of customers in that time. Allow us to take a look at your windows to better determine if you need replacements installed. Find out more and get a free in-home consultation by filling out our online form!

Window Expo at the State Fair of Texas

When it comes to making memories and finding a wide variety of entertainment for all ages, there is nothing like the state fair – and there is no state fair like the State Fair of Texas! As with many things in the Lone Star State, we strive to do things bigger and better, and our state fair is no exception. Each year boasts hundreds of fun-packed attractions with new exhibits and activities popping up every year. With so much to see and do, the hardest part is knowing where to start! Window Expo is excited to participate in this year’s State Fair of Texas, and what better way to share our enthusiasm than to point you towards some of our favorite attractions!

Some of our top-pick Texas State Fair attractions include:

  • Chevrolet Main Stage live music performancesMusic of all genres can be heard throughout the fairgrounds, and every day features something great. What’s even better is the price of live show attendance is including in the entrance fee! 
  • Big Texas Choice AwardsFunnel cakes, candy apples, and other “fair foods” are a must, and there’s no better place to taste the finest than this state-wide cooking competition and demonstration show! 
  • Chili and Barbecue Cook-OffWhether you’re a culinary genius or just want to sink your teeth into some of the most mouth-watering southern-style foods in the country, this is the place to be!
  • Animals in the BarnKids of all ages love this interactive petting exhibit! Not only is this activity educational, it can be a lot of fun too!

Looking for Window Vendors? Check Out Window Expo’s Exhibit!

Family fun is one of the best things about the State Fair of Texas, but it is also a great opportunity to see some amazing new products in action! Window Expo is proud to display our high-quality windows while giving home and business owners a first-hand look at what makes us the most trusted Dallas exterior remodeling company! If you’re looking for an affordable way to upgrade the energy-efficiency and style of your home, we might be able to help!

Jason Munoz – Entertainment Is His Middle Name!

Born and raised in California, Jason worked for Hollywood briefly as an actor in his youth. He is known for his Chiquita Banana commercial and has also starred in other B-rated films and online internet series. He’s been a game show host for Disneyland and has his own IMDb page. “My parents pulled me away from the Hollywood scene at the age of 5, I do miss it but as an adult, I understand why they did it.  My life is still amazing,” he says, “I still do what I love, even if it is more of a hobby.” Jason loves singing and entertaining! He’s sung with the Turtle Creek Chorale at the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas and for many weddings.

In 2016, Jason joined our team working as a Brand Ambassador for Window Expo & Bath Expo. After a month of working as a Brand Ambassador, Jason was promoted to a Sales Representative position and currently works following-up with prospects to schedule appointments. Jason still assists as a Brand Ambassador and trains new hires at shows and events. “I love working with such an amazing team,” he mentions. Jason loves volunteering for our non-profit organization, Matthew 6 Ministries, and hopes in the future to help organizations like the Red Cross and FEMA with charity work. “I have a lot of time still, to give back, so I am making it my priority to help as many people as I can. I know I am doing it here at Window Expo & Bath Expo and I know I can do it for other non-profits one day.”

We love having Jason as part of our team, and are excited to see what the future holds for him as part of our family! 

Jade Fouts – #TheMemeQueen

It is never a dull moment when you are part of the Marketing Team here at Window Expo & Bath Expo. Jades role as Event Marketing Assistant means organizing all events in the DFW area that Window Expo & Bath Expo collaborate in. “I make sure that we have everything we need for each show, like payments and supplies. I also help in the marketing events by decorating and assuring that all of our booths look eye-catching and beautiful for our potential customers,” Jade explains.

Jade is a big part of the Marketing team and together with our Event Coordinator she books many events in the DFW area, helping us reach our community more efficiently. “I love coming to work every day because the entire team is always smiling and we all get along great. It also helps that every day is completely different so you just never know what the day will throw at you!” she says.

Her hobbies include watching The Office, which she is convinced is a replica of our everyday office life here at Window Expo & Bath Expo, “Every few months me and my hubby will watch the entire show all over again. We’ve seen every season about 5 times, we are currently watching it again.”  Jade certainly brings a lot of excitement to the office, at one point she had the entire Marketing team cry-laughing after giving a physical example of her dog running around the house after they freed him from working a 10 hour shift. Jade ran around in the perfect depiction of her dog and had everyone roaring with laughter.

We here at Window Expo and Bath Expo love having Jade be part of our family. Jade will be welcoming her first child in February and we are extremely excited to see her little family grow. You can catch Jade at many local shows and events in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. 

Why It’s Worth It to Choose Custom Windows

When you’re thinking about new house windows, it may be tempting to get the cheapest Dallas window installation you can find — especially if you’re on a tight budget. But basing your window choice on price alone can have serious long-term consequences, including:

  • Drafty, leaky, or ill-fitting installations
  • Bland, store-bought style that lowers curb appeal
  • Low energy efficiency and costly energy bills
  • Repeated expenses for repair or replacement

Instead of taking your chances on exceedingly low-cost windows, it pays to choose the slightly more expensive option: custom windows for your Dallas home. Keep reading to find out why custom windows are the smart investment!

The Value-Adding Benefits of Custom Windows

At Window Expo, we specialize in fully customized window installations — so we know we may seem biased. But we prioritize custom windows for a reason! These features outperform their standardized counterparts in nearly every way:

1. Quality Installations

Because custom windows are custom-measured and -fabricated to your home’s exact specifications, you’re guaranteed a better-fitting Dallas window installationwith less demolition. You can say goodbye to leaks and drafts, while also saving time and money on future repairs. High-quality installations mean better durability and performance over time!

2. Certified Energy Efficiency (and Cost Savings!)

Closer fits automatically translate into better energy efficiency, as they prevent outside air from seeping in and climate-controlled air from leaking out. But custom windows also guarantee energy efficiency by letting you have complete control over their features.

Stick with the standard options for generally recommended levels of energy efficiency, or select upgraded glazing, glass coatings, and gas-filled air chambers for a window that beats the Texas heat.

3.Cohesive Style

Beyond their superior fit, choosing custom windows also ensures that your windows complement your interior and exterior décor. Because you can choose your favorite design elements (like color, finish, grid pattern, and hardware), your new windows are sure to fit seamlessly into your existing architecture and aesthetic.

4. Resale ValueBecause custom windows contribute to a lower-maintenance, more energy-efficient, and more attractive home, they often bump up a home’s resale value. If you’re considering a Dallas window installation for primarily resale purposes, speak to Window Expo’s  skilled designers to make the right choices based on the local housing market as well as your neighborhood and property value.

Still Not Sure About Your Dallas Window Installation? Call Now for More Info! 

At Window Expo, we’re confident about the superior performance of fully customized window installations because we’ve installed over 100,00 of them in homes just like yours! We’d be happy to discuss how our custom windows can make your home a more comfortable and cost-effective place to live. Call us today to speak with a DFW window expert, or request a free consultation in your home by filling out our online form now!

Tara Green – As Sweet As Pie!

Tara has one of the most fun jobs in our entire company. As the Event Coordinator for our Central Texas branch, Tara works with a large team to promote the business and show people the great products we offer at shows and events in the Central Texas community. Meeting new people every day makes Tara one of our most down to earth, loving team members. You can always find Tara with a giant smile on her face. “What excites me the most about my job is knowing that each day is different, I get to meet some great people and I get to see new places every weekend, it’s exciting every time.” she says.

In her spare time, Tara likes to hand-make Texas beaded jewelry such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets. She has a lot of fond memories of Window Expo & Bath Expo, “I am a big Christmas holiday fan, so during the season I love putting on deer antlers and decorating our displays to get our customers into the holiday spirit.” Tara is also welcoming her first child in late September and her and her husband could not be happier. We want to wish her the best on the small future break and can’t wait to meet her little one. Thank you Tara for being such a hardworking and dedicated team member. 

Domonique Jimenez – It’s Chanel not Channel.

Being the Confirmation Agent and Team Lead for the Sales Service Center gives Domonique quite a few plates to spin, and we think she’s pretty great at it!  As a Confirmation Agent, Domonique ensures our customers appointments are set and ready, their questions answered and that our Design Consultants are well-informed for success.

As a long-time team member of Bath Expo and Window Expo, Domonique has been a part of a lot of past team building events.  Her favorite being last year’s Annual Company Picnic where she won $100 in the bake-off. “We have a very competitive team here, but in this particular event I showed my skills and won with my yummy pineapple upside down cupcakes!” she reminisces. Domonique also is a huge fan of beauty and fashion…her hidden talent? “I can do a mean hair blow-out!”

When thinking of the fun memories throughout the years, Domonique had this to say about everyone, “I love how we all genuinely get along and enjoy each other’s company.” Domonique hopes to continue her work further by building relationships here at Window Expo & Bath Expo, and with our customers, for many years to come.  And we couldn’t be happier. ???? Thank you Domonique!

Allison Hobgood – Did Someone Say DIY?!

It is never a dull moment for Allison here at Window Expo and Bath Expo. Being the IT and Support Manager means having a lot of responsibilities, from facilitating anything pertaining to our technology and security, to providing support to other departments and new team members. October will mark 5 years for Allison here at Window Expo, ”Watching the company grow and working with my co-workers, who are like family to me, has been more than a blessing.”

During her down time, Allison loves to express herself with crafting, “I like making party decorations and working with home décor items, I am basically a do-it-yourself kind of girl.”

Being here for such a long period of time has allowed her to see a lot of special moments, from the ever-changing daily morning huddles, to the continuing holiday celebrations together.  When asked about a favorite memory, Allison replied, “My favorite is always making eviction notices to the few long-time team members, we decorate their offices on the day they leave and hand them their eviction notices, all in good fun, and super fun to do.”  In the future, Allison hopes to continue to be a contributor of the growth that Window Expo and Bath Expo keeps going through. 

Keeping the Summer Heat Out of Your Home

High summer temperatures can often make an oven out of your house. Yet, many homeowners don’t want to run the air conditioning any more than necessary. To keep you cool, Window Expo has put together several alternatives to shut out the heat.

1. Get New Windows

Replacing drafty window cases and glass with new energy-efficient windows can do a lot to keep the house cool. Our professional technicians can install Low-E glass that has a special transparent coating designed to radiate solar energy away from the home. This allows light in, without the heat.

2. Open Windows at the Right Time

Keeping the windows open allows a nice draft to enter, but this works better when the outside air is cooler than the inside. Ideally, you should open windows in the early morning or evening. When it gets hot outside, close the place up tight to keep the cold in.

3. Create a Cross Breeze

Another trick to encourage the flow of air is to open windows on opposite sides of the house. This provides a path for air to move through your home. If you own a two-story property, open a window upstairs and one downstairs. Cooler air will be pulled in on the first floor as hot air escapes through the second-floor window.

4. Consider a Window Application

When the sun shines into your home it tends to heat things up. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to block the sunlight out. You can install a window shade using a traditional hanger, or even a tension rod inside a deep window sill. Tints and reflective wraps are also very good at blocking solar radiation. Some of these only darken the glass slightly so that you can still see outside.

5. Install a House Exhaust Fan

A built-in whole house exhaust fan pulls air out of the entire building in just a few minutes. It is usually installed in the ceiling between the top floor of your home and the attic. Air is sucked through the fan into the attic and pushed out through special vents in the roof. For the best results, you need to open a couple of windows on the ground floor for outside air to enter your home.

Sometimes, the best option is replacing drafty windows around your home for a more airtight seal. This keeps the indoor temperature cooler for longer. When you’re ready for Dallas replacement windows, reach out to us about setting up an appointment for a free in-home consultation.

Daniel Kong – Fan Of The Los Angeles Lakers

As the Accounting Specialist for Window Expo and Bath Expo, Daniel has one of the most difficult jobs in the company. “I collect money from clients, and also try to save the company money,” he says “basically, I’m a bounty hunter – literally.”

Daniel is also a lover of all sports, and on his off time, plays basketball and softball with his church group. “I love that I am able to come into work to a no stress environment,” he laughs “I have to say my co-workers are great too, there’s is not a day I go by without laughing at something or the other with them.”

For some, accounting can be very stressful, so we are so glad to have Daniel to handle this tough job. Daniels fondest memory is kind of a secret, “I won’t name any names, but I remember this individual shrieking and running out of their office because they thought a piece of paper on their desk was a bug, I had a long laugh over that one!”