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WEBE Hopeful!

A word of hope…

There’s a fun little tidbit about being Window Expo & Bath Expo.  And that is:

Window Expo = WE

Bath Expo = BE

We call ourselves “WEBE” all of the time. Which makes for some fun internal conversations!  On our internal Facebook Team page, it’s fun to see the unique usage for “WE-BE” in hashtags left by team members in their posts.  Recently I have seen:

#WEBEUnited   #WEBEStrong   #WEBEFamily   #WEBEAwesome  #WEBEaBlessing…and so on.  So fun!  It really has become part of our culture.


Our recent blog posts have all been focused around surrounding you, our community, with messages of hope.  We are carrying this through all of our messaging here at Window Expo & Bath Expo, in hopes that we can send more encouraging content into our community as we navigate this time of uncertainty.


#WEBEhopeful is the word of hope we are leading with.  And we are asking you to join us in our endeavors!  We want to know: What has brought you hope?  How are you experiencing hope?  Who has brought you hope?  Do you have a word of hope to share?


We want to know!  Please send us your message or post it to your Facebook or Instagram and tag us at @windowexpoandbathexpo with the hashtag #WEBEhopeful.


Spread the word of hope today, and let’s encourage and support one another with #WEBEhopeful. 

 WEBE Hopeful! A Word of Hope from Window Expo Texas

Your Window Expo & Bath Expo Team

www.bathexpotx.com and www.windowexpo.com 

“Creating Customers For Life, By Improving The Lives We Touch”



A Message Of HOPE


What an amazing response to our prior blog post, “A Sign of Hope!”  Keep sending us your rainbow pictures or post to Social Media. We love each message of hope!


Window Expo & Bath Expo is a company of faith, and for over 12 years we have had a mission to serve our fellow Texans well, by improving the lives we touch. We may provide quality window replacement solutions for your home, but YOU, the person, the family, always come first.  And it has been and is our pleasure to serve you.


Because of that foundation of faith, I wanted to simply give you a message of hope found within the story of Noah. 


Noah’s Ark may seem like a children’s story of old, but it is a story ever so relevant today.  As we find ourselves more at home, our homes may start to feel a little like the ark Noah and his family were in for 40 days!  Although I am personally glad I only have one spoiled cat to care for, instead of hundreds! Ha!  Oh my, could you imagine?!


In Genesis Chapter 8 verse 1, it says, “And God Remembered Noah.” 


Yes, Noah was not forgotten. He was placed in that ark, the refuge God provided, to keep him and his family safe.  God didn’t just shut the door and say good luck! He had Noah, and his family, secure in His hands the entire time.


You may be feeling stuck in the Ark like Noah, but remember, God is there.  He loves you and is keeping you safe.  He will not leave you and will provide a way for us all, once it is safe.


Even when a little window in the ark is the only view we may have, God sees the bigger picture.  (Genesis 8: 6-22)  A rainbow promise is waiting for us on the other side!  Stay Strong Fellow Texans! Soon, we will be on dry land. This is our message of hope to you.


If we can serve you further, please call or visit us anytime.


Your Window Expo & Bath Expo Team

www.bathexpotx.com and www.windowexpo.com 

“Creating Customers For Life, By Improving The Lives We Touch”



P.S. – Here are some more rainbows we have received! Keep drawing rainbows as a sign of hope, and send us a photo!

WEBE Hopeful! Messages of HOPE from Window Expo and Bath Expo TX


A Sign Of Hope!

Although this may not be a typical post from our company, we found the more we shared this amazing story with others, the more it brought hope! And we could all use some hope right now. Pause and enjoy. #WEBEhopeful


Coronavirus.  COVID-19.  Terms that were not in our everyday language just a few short weeks ago.  Now our world, country and even the great state of Texas know them well.  They are terms that have stopped us in our tracks, having all of us wondering when we will take steps forward again?

Here at Window Expo and Bath Expo, we too have felt the impact and uncertainty of what is to come.  But last Wednesday night, a sign of hope was delivered to our company, and it all started with a text message from a previous customer, and a painted window.

I was sitting on my couch that Wednesday night when a text message came through with this photo:

Girl painting rainbow on window with message "God has us! God has your company too! I love this window!"


In the midst of a difficult and uncertain week for us all, our wonderful customer sent us this sign of hope.  I cannot tell you how this encouraged our company and team.  After letting her know this, she simply texted back:


Go paint a rainbow.


So we did!  Our team returned to our offices and homes the next day, took our Expo Markers, and started drawing rainbows as a sign of hope:

At the close of the business day, storms started building here in Dallas.  I sat in my office watching the winds plow through the trees, the sky growing dark and the rain coming down in sheets.  I looked to my rainbow on my office window, and pushed through wrapping up my day.


At 7:20pm, I left my office and as I turned from the parking lot onto the street, sunlight hit my face, and as I turned, I saw this:



Now that’s a sign of HOPE. I just sat in awe of God’s goodness and gifts of hope to us in times of uncertainty.  It is our hope at Window Expo & Bath Expo that you cling to hope right now.  As a company, we’ll be focusing on bringing messages of hope and being hope in our community for the next 40 days.  It is our prayer this brings you encouragement and hope.

We encourage YOU to draw a rainbow at home!  Draw, take a pic, tag us:

@windowexpoandbathexpo with the hashtag #WEBEhopeful.


Your Window Expo & Bath Expo Team

www.bathexpotx.com and www.windowexpo.com 

“Creating Customers For Life, By Improving The Lives We Touch”


Should I Replace my Windows Before Selling My House?

Replacement Windows If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market, you might be wondering if it’s a good idea to replace the windows before doing so. You may have heard from friends and family that it can be beneficial to do so, but you may also be on the fence about investing in a project that you won’t be around to enjoy. However, while you won’t reap the benefits of living with new home windows, the new owner will. Below are some reasons why it is a good idea to replace the windows before selling your home.

The Buyer Will Appreciate It

Windows are a home improvement project that offers both improved aesthetics as well as enhanced functionality. A potential buyer will definitely look at the condition of your windows and, if you have new ones, it will be one less thing that they will have to worry about. They will be happy that they will be getting brand-new windows, and you’ll be able to ask for more money when listing your home.

A Great Return on Investment

When it comes to remodeling projects, it can be hard to get a good return on investment. Windows though are one of the rare exceptions. The typical return on investment for a whole-house window replacement project can range from about 70% to 80%, which is actually very good. Compare that to a kitchen remodel that averages somewhere around 50% or less, and you’ll see what a good investment replacing windows really is.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Replacing old windows with new ones will dramatically increase the energy efficiency of your home. This will allow your HVAC system to more easily maintain a comfortable interior temperature, which can lead to lower monthly energy bills. This is a very attractive benefit to those who are looking to purchase a home.

Increased Curb Appeal

Having new windows installed will enhance the overall curb appeal of your home. This will help catch the eye of potential buyers and make it that much more likely that you’ll be able to sell your home quickly.

For the Best Replacement Windows in Texas, Turn to Window Expo

Whether you’re looking to sell your home, or you just want new windows for your own reasons, Window Expo is the company to call. We offer gorgeous vinyl windows from the Anlin Del Mar window series that are:

  • Energy efficient – Equipped with a number of features such as multiple panes of glass, argon gas fills, and spacers, our windows are some of the most energy-efficient ones on the market.
  • Customizable – Available in a number of styles, colors, and configuration options, you’ll be able to choose windows that meet your aesthetic and functional needs.
  • Easy to maintain – Our windows are constructed with vinyl frames that never need to be painted or scraped. All you’ll need to do to keep them looking like new is to wipe them down on occasion with soapy water.

To learn more about the windows we have available to homeowners throughout the Central Texas area, contact the experts at Window Expo today.

Is Replacing Windows Messy?

Replacement WindowAre you considering replacing the windows in your home? If so, you might find yourself wondering if replacing the windows will be a messy endeavor. Put simply, yes, it will definitely be a messy project. That’s because there will undoubtedly be a lot of dust that gets spread around during the installation process. While you may take as many precautions as possible, such as cleaning the old windows as much as you can, you’ll never be able to reach every little piece of dust. Plus, all of that cleaning really won’t matter once the old windows are removed because, at that point, dust and debris will start falling from where the frame was.

How Can the Mess be Minimized?

While you can’t stop the mess, you can do things to minimize the dust from getting all over your home. The most useful thing you can do is to make sure that plastic tarps are set down on both the inside and outside of your window. These tarps will catch most of the dust that falls and prevent it from getting all over the floor of your home or on your lawn. You can also get plastic coverings and put them over couches, beds, shelves, or anywhere else that you think might be in danger of getting covered in dust.

What Other Steps Can I Take?

To be extra safe, there are a few other steps you can take when prepping for a window installation. You can remove any items from the room that the window is being replaced in so that they won’t get dirty, or end up accidentally getting broken. Another good step to take is to keep pets out of the area. That’s not only because you don’t want them to get hurt but also because they could cause problems by accidentally bumping into something or spreading the debris around even further.

So, while the process of replacing a window will cause a mess, there are steps that can be taken to minimize it.

Professional Window Installation Services Offered by Window Expo

When you’re looking to have replacement windows installed in your home, Window Expo is the company to call. One reason is that we offer the Anlin Del Mar window series. These windows are available in a number of style and color options and are durable and energy efficient. What’s more, our team of highly trained and experienced installers will work tirelessly to ensure that your windows are installed correctly and function perfectly, and will clean up the job site when they’re finished. So, when they leave, all you’ll be left with are beautiful new windows without any mess.

To learn more about the replacement windows we have available to homeowners throughout the Central Texas area, contact Window Expo today.

Will Replacing Windows Reduce Noise?

Replacement Windows If you live on a busy street, near an airport, or just have neighbors that tend to get a little loud at times, you might be looking for ways to reduce the noise from the outside. Would replacing the windows on your home help? Luckily for you, the answer is yes! If you choose the right windows. You see, glass windows are unfortunately ideal for conducting sound waves, so a single pane of glass will do almost nothing to stop noise from penetrating into your home. While it’s not possible to completely soundproof your home, you can significantly reduce the noise if you choose the right windows.

How Can Windows Reduce Noise?

If you truly want to make an impact on noise reduction, you’ll need to choose windows that have some of the following features:

  • Multiple panes – With each additional pane of glass that your window has, the noise will be reduced even more. Look for windows that have three panes of glass for maximum noise reduction.
  • Space between the panes – The more space between the sheets of glass, the better the sound prevention. Look for windows that come with spacer systems.
  • Argon gas fills – When argon gas is inserted between the panes of a window, it will add a few benefits to the window. Not only will it minimize heat transfer through the window, but it will also add an additional barrier that sound will have to penetrate to enter the home.
  • Thick glass – The thickness of the glass also plays a major role in sound prevention. The thicker the glass is, the less noise you will hear from the outside.

Beautiful Windows Equipped with Soundproofing Features

If you live in Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, or anywhere in the Central Texas area and are looking to replace your home’s windows for noise reduction purposes, turn to the professionals at Window Expo. We’ve been in business since 2006, and in that time have helped countless homeowners just like you find windows that will not only help to reduce noise but provide a number of other fantastic benefits, too. Just place a call to us and we’ll come out to your home for a free, no-obligation consultation where we will listen to your needs and work collaboratively with you to help you choose a window that will meet them all. What’s more, because we are a Texas-based company that serves only Texas homeowners, you can count on receiving windows that are designed specifically for our climate.

Soundproofing Features of Our Windows

We are proud to offer the Anlin Del Mar window series. These high-quality windows offer beauty, energy-efficiency, and of course, sound reduction. These windows are equipped with sound suppression technology that includes dissimilar, thicker glass panes that are designed to specifically disrupt the sound waves entering your home. What’s more, they also have spacer systems, argon gas fills, and multiple panes of glass, making them one of the most soundproof windows available on the market today.

To learn more about the windows that we have available to homeowners throughout the Central Texas area, contact Window Expo today.

What Are Energy-Efficient Windows Made of?

Energy-Efficient Windows Windows are an extremely important part of every home. They provide views to the outdoors, let natural light into your home, and play a huge role in your home’s curb appeal. However, the energy efficiency of windows is one of the most important factors to consider when investing in new windows for your home. So, when searching for replacement windows, you’ll want to know what to look for to make sure you’re investing in energy efficiency. But what are energy-efficient windows made of? That can be a complicated answer because windows are composed of two main parts: the frame and the glass. Let’s take a look at these two components.

Window Frames

The material used in the window frames plays a large role in the energy efficiency of the window. There are a number of different materials used in the construction of windows, with some of the most common being vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. While each of these window materials has its own pros and cons, they don’t all boast the same energy-efficient benefits. When it comes down to it, vinyl tends to be the go-to option that provides homeowners with the most energy efficiency. That’s because vinyl creates a better seal around the glass panes of the window, which in turn provides better insulation. However, not all vinyl windows are created equal. Vinyl frames can have additional energy-efficient features added to them, such as foam and spacers inserted into the frames to help minimize heat transfer, thus taking their energy efficiency to the next level.

Window Glass

While the glass in every window is, well, glass, certain features can be added to the glass to make it more energy efficient. For instance, many companies manufacture windows with multiple panes of glass, which provides additional barriers between the inside and outside temperatures. Another common feature added to windows is Low-E coating. This coating is designed to reflect UV rays, which will not only help to keep homes cooler, but also will prevent the fading of drapes, carpets, and furniture in your home. Another thing to look for is argon gas fills between the panes of glass. This type of gas is inserted between the panes to slow down heat transfer and further increase the energy efficiency of the window.

Turn to Window Expo for High-Quality Vinyl Windows

When the energy efficiency of a window is important to you, Window Expo is the company to call. We offer top-of-the-line vinyl windows from Anlin Del Mar that are not only beautiful but also equipped with a number of energy-efficient features that will minimize heat transfer. Our windows come in a variety of style options and can be customized in your choice from a number of different colors to meet your functional and aesthetic preferences.

If you’re in the market for energy-efficient vinyl windows, contact the professionals at Window Expo today. We would be happy to schedule a complimentary consultation at your home to discuss your project in more detail and help you choose the perfect windows for your home. We proudly serve homeowners throughout the Central Texas area.

What Are Good Energy-Efficient Windows?

Energy-Efficient Windows When you’re searching for replacement windows for your home, the energy efficiency of the windows you’re considering purchasing is likely a big concern of yours. That’s because you’ve probably heard that a good energy-efficient window can save you money each month when your energy bill comes rolling around. You may have even heard that you can save so much money that your windows will eventually pay for themselves. While that last statement may be overexaggerating the savings a bit, there’s no doubt that having energy-efficient windows installed in your home will allow your HVAC unit to more easily maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home, which yes, can lead to lower energy bills. But, how do you know what good energy-efficient windows are? While at first you might think it’s impossible to tell if a window is actually energy efficient without being a window expert, it’s actually a lot simpler than you think. The only two things you’ll need to do to determine if the windows you’re looking at are energy efficient is to:

Look for Energy-Efficient Features

When you’re shopping for energy-efficient windows, ask the company you’re considering working with what type of energy-efficient features their windows come with. Some of the most popular and important energy-efficient features include:

  • Low-E Glass – Low-emissivity glass has a special coating on it that helps it to prevent infrared and ultraviolet light for penetrating through it. Not only will this type of glass help your HVAC system maintain a comfortable interior temperature, but it will also still allow natural light inside of your home.
  • Multiple Panes of Glass – You’ll want to look for windows that have at least two or three panes of glass, never just a single pane. That’s because the more panes of glass that a window comes with, the better insulated those windows will be. The spaces between the panes of glass will trap heat or cold air, helping to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.
  • Foam-Filled Frames – Window frames that have been filled with foam reduce thermal transfer that happens through the frame of a window by minimizing convection in the hollow part of the frame. They can also add insulation and strength to your window.
  • Argon Gas Fills – This inert gas is a popular, natural, non-toxic, odorless, and colorless gas that is often used to fill the empty spaces between the panes of glass in windows. This type of gas will slow the transfer of heat through the window while also helping to prevent condensation from forming on the window.

If the windows you’re looking at don’t come with these features, it’s probably a good idea to find another company to work with that can provide you with a window that is equipped with all of these features.

Check to See if They’re ENERGY STAR® Certified

Another easy way for you to tell if the windows you’re looking at are energy efficient is to see if they have been ENERGY STAR® certified. This is a government-backed label that is given to windows that have been independently tested, certified, and verified to meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s strict energy efficiency guidelines. If the windows you’re looking at are not ENERGY STAR® certified, don’t buy them and keep looking for ones that are.

Energy-Efficient Windows from Window Expo Available for Homeowners Throughout Texas

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, or Central Texas area and are looking to have energy-efficient windows installed in your home, Window Expo is the company to call. That’s because as a Texas-owned company, we understand the harsh weather that is common in the area and only provide windows that are specifically designed to stand up to it. What’s more, our windows are equipped with a number of energy-efficient features such as Low-E glass, argon gas fills, foam-filled frames, multiple panes of glass, and more that are all designed to minimize heat transfer, which could possibly lead to lower energy bills for you. Plus, all of the windows that we offer been ENERGY STAR® certified, so you can feel confident that they will provide exceptional energy efficiency,

To learn more about the energy-efficient windows we offer to homeowners throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Central Texas areas, contact Window Expo today.

How Energy-Efficient Windows Work

Energy-Efficient WindowsNowadays, when homeowners are looking to have replacement windows installed, energy efficiency is a chief concern. That’s because they know the more energy efficient their homes are, the less their HVAC system will have to work in order to maintain a comfortable interior temperature, which can lead to long-time savings on their energy bills. So, what makes a window energy efficient, and how do energy-efficient windows work? Well, energy-efficient windows are windows that are specially equipped with certain features that promote energy efficiency. Each feature has its own unique benefits that enhance the window’s energy efficiency in different ways. The following are different energy-efficient features that come with many energy-efficient windows:

Low-E Glass

Low-E glass or low-emissivity glass is a type of glass that is designed to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can penetrate through the glass of your window. This type of glass is covered in a thin coating that is transparent and reflects heat, while still letting natural light flood into your home. This coating will help keep your home at a consistent temperature by reflecting the interior temperatures back inside of your home instead of allowing them to escape.

Multiple Panes of Glass

When the energy efficiency of your windows is a major concern of yours, you’ll want windows that come with multiple panes of glass. As the name implies, double- or triple-pane windows are windows that come with either two or three panes of glass. These panes of glass are separated by spaces that are filled with air. These spaces help to trap cold temperatures or heat, depending on the outside weather, between the panes and stop it from affecting the interior temperature of your home.

Argon Gas Fills

Argon gas is a natural, non-toxic, colorless, and odorless gas that is commonly used to increase the energy efficiency of windows. This type of gas is used to fill the spaces between the glass panes in double- and triple-pane windows and its purpose is to slow the transfer of heat through the window. Argon gas fills are a better option than just having air in between these panes because air contains moisture that can condense on the inside of the glass, making the window cloudy, whereas argon gas does not.

Spacer Systems

Spacers are an important part of every window. They are what separates the multiple panes of glass inside double- and triple-pane windows. They provide the windows with structural integrity as well as with a thermal and moisture seal that will help to enhance the windows’ overall thermal performance. They are bonded to the glass panes with seals that help to form an airtight cavity within the glazing of the window. They can soak up any moisture that gets into your window and help to prevent condensation from forming inside the cavity. They also help to manage stress that is caused by changes in temperature and pressure.

Window Frame Material

The material that your window frame is made of also plays a large role in the overall energy efficiency of your windows because the frames make up about 25% of the windows’ overall area. When looking for a window that will provide exceptional energy efficiency, you’ll want to find one that has a window frame that is thermally non-conductive. The best energy-efficient window frames are ones that are made out of vinyl or wood, and it’s a good idea to stay away from aluminum frames because they typically are poor energy performers.

High-Quality Energy-Efficient Windows Available from Window Expo

At Window Expo, we offer a variety of top-of-the-line vinyl replacement windows that provide exceptional energy efficiency. Our windows are coated with Low-E glass, have multiple panes, are filled with argon gas, and have glass seal spacers, all of which are designed to provide the ultimate in energy efficiency. What’s more, all of our windows are ENERGY STAR® certified, which is a government-backed label given to windows that meet strict energy-efficient guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

To learn more about the energy-efficient windows we have available to homeowners throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Central Texas areas, contact the experts at Window Expo today.

What is the Average Cost to Replace Windows?

Replacement Windows Nearly all homeowners will at some point be faced with having to replace the windows on their home. While it’s an opportunity to increase the curb appeal and energy efficiency of their homes, it can also be a costly investment. If it’s time for you to replace the windows on your home, the biggest question on your mind will likely be what the cost of this project is going to be. While the average cost of a standard-size, double-hung, double-pane vinyl window can range somewhere between $400 and $700, including installation, the actual price of replacement windows is hard to calculate because there are so many factors that go into the cost of replacement windows. To help you narrow down the cost of your project, you’ll need to answer the following questions:

What Type of Window Style Do You Want?

Because certain styles of windows can cost much more than others, deciding what style you want is very important when it comes to determining the cost of your window replacement project. For instance, a single-hung window, before labor, can range from $100 to $400, while a bay window unit can easily be between $1,000 and $4,500. Of course, a number of other factors will also go into the price such as what material the window frame is made of, and what features the window is equipped with.

How Many Windows Are You Replacing?

Do you only need to replace one window on your home, or are they all due for an update? While the overall cost will be lower when you just replace one window, you can actually save a lot of money per window, by replacing all of your windows at once. That’s because many companies will offer you a deal when you get more than one window, lowering the price per window. If only one of your windows desperately needs to be replaced, it can sometimes be a smarter choice to just have all your windows replaced, because not only will you save money in the long run, but you won’t have to worry about going through the entire process again in a few years.

Are You Hiring Professionals or Installing the Windows Yourself?

While you may think that you’ll be able to save some money by buying the windows from a big-box store and installing them yourself, that is rarely the case. That’s because installing a window is hard work and if you don’t have the proper tools or help, it will probably take you much longer to complete the project. What’s more, if you mess anything up and need to fix it, you could actually end up spending more money than you would have if you had hired a professional to complete the job.

Contact Window Expo for All of Your Replacement Window Needs

If you live in Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, or Central Texas and are in the market for replacement windows, there’s no better company to turn to than Window Expo. That’s because as a Texas-based company, we understand the harsh weather that Texas homeowners face on a daily basis, which is why we only offer windows that are built specifically to stand up to it. Just give us a call and we’ll come out to your home for a free, no-obligation consultation where we will listen to your needs and help you choose a replacement window that will meet them all.