Window Expo and Anlin Windows: The Perfect Texas Match


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Window Expo and Anlin Windows: The Perfect Texas Match

Have you found yourself searching for new windows for your home and don’t even know where to start? We have teamed up with Anlin Windows to produce the perfect Texas window, the Anlin Del Mar, Luxury Series Vinyl Window. Anlin Windows are made specifically for Texas and for all the unpredictable weather conditions our beautiful state can bring.

Energy Efficiency

Anlin Windows are Energy Star-certified. What does this mean for you? This means you are saving money where it matters. Being able to put that money back into other things you love can leave you feeling reassured you made the right choice.

What makes the Del Mar window Energy Star-certified? Anlin windows and doors are built using the latest energy saving technology. One feature that stands out is the Next Generation Glazing System that Anlin specializes in, Infinite Plus. “To have the best windows, you have to have the best glass.” This glazing system provides maximum energy savings without compromising on beauty.

Thermal Insulation

One thing us Texans know all too well is Texas weather is uncontrollable and unpredictable. Though, what can almost be guaranteed is the scorching hot temperatures in the summer! Anlin Windows made sure to keep this in mind when creating the perfect Texas window.

Our windows have an ultra-strong fiberglass thermal insert that provides superior thermal insulation, so the heat stays outside in the summer and the warmth stays inside your home in the winter. Not only do the Anlin windows provide superior thermal insulation, but they also block 95% of harmful UV rays from entering your home. Also, a bonus of the thick, durable window frame is there will be no condensation from the rainy springs and icy winters, making your windows last longer.

Sound Suppression Technology

A feature that often gets overlooked is sound suppression. You don’t always think of this benefit when researching for your replacement windows but think about all the outside noise you may hear daily. Airplanes flying over, or the loud rush-hour traffic, or maybe even your neighbor’s overly excited barking dogs. Anlin’s sounds suppression technology reduces up to 50% of outside noise compared to a single pane window, making your home a quieter and more comfortable place to live.

True Double Lifetime Warranty

With the best warranty in the industry, it was another no-brainer when deciding to team up with Anlin windows. When you purchase windows from Window Expo, they are backed by the Anlin Window warranty which not only benefits you but is also fully transferable to the next subsequent homeowner if you sell your home. This warranty covers not only parts and glass replacement, but the labor as well, putting savings back into your pocket if you find yourself needing repairs. Now that’s peace of mind you can count on!

Window Expo and Anlin Windows continue to wow our customers with our quality products. Let us help you reduce your energy bills year-round, add beauty and value to your home, and feel safe and secure with our sound suppression technology and double lifetime warranty. If anyone knows Texas, it’s us and we are always here to provide the best products for you.


Should you be leery of inexpensive replacement windows?

Should you be leery of cheap replacement windows?

Be Leery of Cheap Replacement Windows - Window Buying Tips from Window Expo Texas
Everyone loves a good deal, especially when it comes to home improvement. With so many options for cheap replacement windows, it’s hard to know a truly great deal when you see one. When you’re making this kind of investment in your home, it’s important to weigh three factors into your decision-making process.

Energy Efficiency

A big benefit of new windows is energy efficiency savings. High-quality windows can drive down your monthly energy bill. But you won’t always see big savings if you choose a window poorly.

Some cheap replacement windows lack features such as gas-filled double panes that reduce heat transfer into your home. Filled windows use an inert gas like argon in-between panes to keep heat out of your home in the summer. Cheap window alternatives may also lack low-E glazing, which makes the panes of glass close to the temperature of interior air. Without these two components, homeowners choosing a lower-cost window don’t reap the cost-saving benefits of energy-efficient windows. The amount saved by purchasing cheap windows is completely lost when a homeowner’s heating/cooling bill arrives.

Investing in these kinds of features will save money in the long haul and make your family much more comfortable throughout the year.

Return on Investment

Low-cost windows are only one bottom line factor. When you purchase new windows, you are making an investment in your home. Consider that when you purchase your windows, you’ll also need a qualified team to install them and a strong warranty to ensure that your investment doesn’t go to waste.

Often, cheap windows aren’t backed by a double limited lifetime warranty like Window Expo’s. That means over time if you experience any issues like pitting, cracking, peeling, or chipping, your windows may not be covered. Also, many companies that offer cheap windows simply do not install them properly, nor do they guarantee their installation work.

Because we want you to be our customer for life, our highly-trained professionals are the most experienced in the industry. Their work is also covered by an installation warranty, which is rare and hard to find in our industry.

Replacement Window Life Span

If you’re attracted to a window because of its low price, consider the life span. Many inexpensive windows will only last 5-7 years and are warrantied for that short amount of time. How long do you plan to stay in your home?

These types of windows are often made with lower-grade vinyl that may contain filler ingredients that lose color over time or are less resistant to decay. You’ll also be limited on options and features that add curb appeal.

All of this means that you can expect to purchase windows again during the time you own your home. If you’re planning to live long-term in your home, choose a window that will last a lifetime. You’ll not only avoid additional expense but save time by making the best decision the first time.

We’re here to help.

Trying to sort out the best way to replace your windows and reap the long-term benefits? We’re always finding new ways to add value for our customers through financing options and innovative products. Contact us for a free quote and we’ll walk you through the benefits of choosing a high-quality window from Window Expo.

Replacing Windows: A Step-By-Step Guide

Replacing Windows: A Step-By-Step Guide

Replacing Windows: An Easy Step-By-Step Guide from Window Expo TX

Ready to start replacing windows on your home? Window Expo can help! Here’s what to expect when you work with us to replace your windows

Get a free quote for replacing windows.

When you’re ready, we begin the process with a free quote created by a home visit or virtual consultation. Some ask why we can’t provide a quote over the phone. The answer is simple: every home is different and seeing your home provides our expert team a much better idea of your needs and requirements.

During the consultation, we inspect and measure your existing windows. Then through a brief demo, we show you exactly how our windows work, using a heat lamp that mimics the weather in Texas. Our windows keep your home at the perfect temperature year-round. If noise is a concern, we can also perform a sound test to show how our windows will dampen sound from noisy highways or loud neighbors.

Our design consultant will have everything available at your appointment to make sure you all of our available color options and custom design features.

The best part of this first step is that the cost we provide you is an actual price – not an estimate.

Consider your options.

Because our windows come with a variety of features, we’ll also discuss the options that are perfect for your home, like a gorgeous portrait window to showcase your garden or a sliding window that easily opens horizontally.

Our design team can help you choose custom colors to boost curb appeal. You can choose a color for the interior and exterior, allowing you to mix and match options for the frame that complement your home’s design, inside and out.

Choosing a window style and options can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help you weigh every option. No matter if your home is classically inspired or ultra-modern, Window Expo offers the perfect window.

Kick back while we install.

We want you to be totally satisfied by your new windows, so our installation team is comprised of only certified professionals. We even provide regular training to our team so that everyone stays up-to-date on the best installation techniques. With over 100,000 windows installed throughout Texas, we are among the most experienced teams in our area.

Installation typically takes one to three days, depending upon how many windows will be replaced. We’ll schedule the installation at a convenient time for you and your family. First, we remove your windows in limited sections and install each new window with a flawless fit on your home, protecting it from harmful elements. We work in small batches to help limit the outdoor elements from coming into your home. Then, we’ll haul away the old windows so you can say goodbye to drafty windows forever! We respect your home and will leave the worksite cleaner and tidier than when we began.

Enjoy your windows for a lifetime!

Your new investment is also backed by a double limited lifetime warranty on your windows against warping, cracking, breaking, etc. One of the benefits of working with our professionals is that you are covered by an installation warranty. Window manufacturer warranties don’t cover issues that arise from improper installation. This is why we provide a limited lifetime labor warranty on our installation services.

In the last step of the installation process, we’ll show you how to maintain your windows and use all of their features. We truly want you to love them because our mission is to improve the lives that we touch by creating customers for life.

Need proof of our commitment? Read this review from our recent customer, Melissa:

“After 13 years in our home, we noticed gaps and condensation between our windows. We knew it was time to replace our existing, cheap aluminum windows. The execution of the installation was perfect. The Window Expo team was professional and extremely prudent of not leaving any debris behind. How nice to have all of the old aluminum windows hauled away. The installation was complete in two short days. The caulking around the windows is neat and clean. Not to mention, the windows are made in the USA, a superior product. Again, PERFECTLY EXECUTED process.”

Ready to get started replacing windows? Contact us for a free quote today. We can’t wait to help you see your home in a whole new light.

Check Out These Window Features That Can Help Reduce Your Energy Costs in Dallas, TX

Energy Efficient Windows: How They Reduce Energy Costs - Window Expo TexasHomeowners throughout Texas understand weather extremes all too well. During the summer months, temperatures consistently reach highs in the 90s or even 100s, making the outside temperature simply unbearable. And, during the winter, storms can brew, even leaving snow from time to time. With inclement weather like this, homes become sanctuaries where residents can escape and stay comfortable. However, for some, not even their houses are a safe place. The weather extremes penetrate through weak spots in the home, making the HVAC unit work overtime to keep a comfortable temperature within. With the HVAC unit on overdrive, energy costs can skyrocket. Fortunately, there is a way to help take the strain off your HVAC unit and keep your home comfortable all year around. Just invest in energy-efficient windows. But, what makes a window energy efficient? When choosing between windows, look for these window features that can help reduce your energy costs.

Foam-Filled Vinyl Frames

Unlike other material options, vinyl frames will not conduct or transfer heat. Plus, vinyl frames with foam can provide a better barrier between the inside and outside temperatures. This means a more comfortable home for you during the summer months.

Low-E Glass

Replacement windows with Low-E glass have a lot to offer. This enhanced glass reflects UV light without compromising your view. However, it does more than just keep your home cooler. It can also prevent fading of drapes, carpets, and furniture in the home.

Multiple Glass Panes

Have you ever heard the expression, “the more the merrier?” Well, that can often be applied to window glass panes. Multiple panes of glass can act as additional barriers between the outside and inside temperatures, helping to keep comfortable temperatures in and weather extremes out.

Argon or Krypton Gas Fills

If you want to minimize heat transfer through the window, then argon or krypton gas fills are your best bet. Either gas will fill between glass panes to help improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Glass Spacer System

For even more energy efficient benefits, consider windows with an insulating glass spacer system. This spacer system will help reduce condensation and inhibit air infiltration, keeping cold and warm air out.

Turn to Window Expo for Energy-Efficient Windows

For replacement windows that feature all of these components and more, look no further than Window Expo. We offer replacement windows from the Anlin Del Mar series that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR requirements, the best indicator of a window’s energy efficiency. However, our vinyl windows will do more than improve the thermal performance of your home. They will also contribute to its beauty and help better prepare it for severe weather known to the Dallas – Fort Worth and San Antonio areas, as well as Austin and Central Texas. Best of all, our replacement windows will be installed by professional technicians who are internally trained and certified to ensure you receive the optimal window installation experience.

If you’re ready to take the next step and have energy-efficient replacement windows installed in your Dallas, TX, home, then contact the professionals at Window Expo today. We would be happy to schedule a free, in-home consultation with you so that we can discuss our replacement windows with you in more detail.

Quality & Affordable Home Window Replacement in the Dallas, TX Area

Community Info & Testimonials Dallas, TX Community Information

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows that Dallas is famous for its sports teams. Home to the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars & Dallas Mavericks the city is a perfect combination of sports & culture, as it also boasts several unique cultural centers as well as museums. This city that began as a small community in 1839 has grown to accommodate the more than 1,197,800 people living within its borders.

Replacement & Energy Efficient Windows in Dallas, TX Area

An area this diverse & rich in culture appreciates the fine craftsmanship of Window Expo’s Replacement Windows. That is why we get so many Dallas residents & businesses requesting our services. We are known for the energy efficiency of our windows, but we also provide other Home Improvement products & services such as screen enclosures, sunroom additions, door installations & more.

Window Showroom Just A Short Drive From Dallas, TX!

Our Window Showroom is located just a short drive from Dallas in Carrollton, TX. Stop in & view the variety of products we have on display.

Window Installation Testimonials from Dallas, TX Residents

Read what our satisfied customers had to say about our Home Improvement Services & find out why we are known for having the Best Replacement Windows in the DFW Area.

To whom it may concern, I wanted to thank you personally for the wonderful job done at my home. After getting several referrals from friends and family your name was mentioned more then once so I had confidence that you would be the right choice for us. Your pricing turned our to be very competitive and we were pleased with the proposal that we received. It was such a pleasure meeting with Larry Hulsey, he was patient with all of my questions and took the time to make sure my husband and I both were comfortable before moving ahead. The crew arrived on time as promised. After introducing themselves they went thru the interior and exterior of the home to make sure everything was prepped for the installation. At the time we had a very young child in our home, I appreciated their extra efforts and concern for my home and family. The crew began working and I was amazed at their efficiency. One of our windows was custom made and the crew leader left to go and get the appropriate materials to trim the window. He wanted to make sure that it looked as good as it could possibly look. It was the personal details that made the experience that much better. At the completion of all of our windows, the crew went thru and tested every window to make sure it opened/closed properly, that the screens were secure, and showed me how to operate everything. It is such a pleasure to have workers that are so polite, considerate, and efficient. Mr Hulsey had told us that the installation process would be worth the time and effort that it takes to install new windows and he was right. With our home being built in 1959 we new that there would be noticeable energy savings with new windows, but it was the sound reduction that amazed us. And of course they look gorgeous! I have taken the time to write this letter because I am also in the service industry and I know how important positive feedback is. Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime.

Nicole M.

Replacement Window Price Comparisons in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

We Knew We’d Been Coming Out on Top in the Price War for Years…


We knew that our formula for selling high-quality windows at a low price was a winner. After all, Window Expo has grown EVERY year since we started in 2006 because people love value pricing on high-quality windows.

But after we conducted a blind price quote comparison, even we were surprised by just how much better our prices are. Our two biggest competitors WERE ALMOST DOUBLE our prices in the comparison. If you are getting several windows replaced, this would mean THOUSANDS of DOLLARS WASTED for any customer choosing these well-known companies.

Another competitor came closer, but even they were almost 10% higher than us. If you are replacing multiple windows, this will add up to hundreds – sometimes thousands – of dollars.

Energy Efficient Windows Save You Money!

Just to be clear, our windows stack up “pound for pound” in quality, in energy efficiency, and professional installation against these competitor windows. The only “competitors” we can’t beat are those selling lesser quality windows along with a poor record of service.

We also hear stories all the time from customers who shop at the Big Box stores with national reputations. They tell us they just assumed that these chains will have the best prices because of the volume they do. WRONG. We consistently hear prices that are significantly higher than Window Expo prices in “apples to apples” comparisons.

Window Expo Can Deliver Both Low Prices & Quality and Can Prove It To You with a Free Quote. We’ve got Energy Efficient Windows Backed by Outstanding Warranties. We’re an A+ Rated Better Business Bureau Company and Well-Established Local Business with Proven Installers. Usually, you expect to pay a premium for this kind of track record. But as our price comparison shows, we give you the BEST of BOTH WORLDS.